How did mina's mother in-law died? (2024)

What happened to Mina's mother in law?

Stefanie grew up with Mina's husband, Steve Hawk, until she passed away at just 31-years-old on March 26, 2020 in Indianapolis.

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What happened to Mina's in Law's?

Good Bones star Mina Starsisak Hawk announced her sister-in-law, Stefanie Hawk, passed away "unexpectedly" on Thursday. "There's no easy way to share this. Yesterday, we unexpectedly lost my sister, Stefanie Hawk," the HGTV host revealed Friday in an Instagram post.

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What happened to Mina's dog?

On Friday, Mina Starsiak Hawk shared the sad news that her dog, Beatrice, passed away. The Good Bones host took to Instagram to post a touching tribute to her long-time pet.

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What does Mina's husband Steve do for a living?

According to Steve's Instagram bio, he is an account executive with CoStar Group, a commercial property company. In his spare time, he is a successful competitive eater, which he has chronicled on his Instagram page.

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Which of Mina's sisters died?

The Good Bones star, 32, shared the heartbreaking news in an Instagram post on Friday, writing, "There's no easy way to share this. Yesterday we unexpectedly lost my sister, Stefanie Hawk."

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Do Good Bones buyers keep the furniture?

People Don't Always Keep The Furniture Shown In Renovations.

The home buyer has the option of buying the furniture Starsiak and Laine used to style each room, but they don't have to, according to Two Chicks And A Hammer's website.

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Why is Lenny no longer on Good Bones?

According to, Lenny simply got too expensive for Two Chicks and a Hammer to continue using him.

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Did Karen on Good Bones have a facelift?

However, Karen has not listed a facelift among the procedures she has had done. Still, it seems that her looks aren't attributed to just good genes alone, as she has gotten some help from new-age technology as well, specifically targeting her face, stomach, and arms.

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What is on Mina's daughter's forehead?

While the HGTV host kept her answer short, Healthline expands on what a hemangioma is here, defining it as a noncancerous growth of blood vessels.

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Why did Mina's mother leave the show?

So, why is Karen leaving 'Good Bones'? The devastating news came to light on Sept. 30, 2019, after Mina shared a saddening post on Instagram. As the co-host of Good Bones revealed, her mom made the decision to spend less time working at construction sites, prioritizing her personal life instead.

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Does Mina Starsiak still have her dogs?

Unfortunately, Starsiak revealed in the caption to her Instagram post that Sophie did not make it. "Nowhere in my brain would today end without Sophie, but it has," she wrote. "Much like B, she's saved me far many more times than I saved her. She's with her sister and with Stefie gone one year, she's with her.

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What kind of dog is Mina's white dog?

Mina Starsiak Hawk from HGTV's "Good Bones" rescued her Dogo Argentino Frank, who makes frequent appearances on her Instagram. Dogo Argentinos expanded their working dog resumes by building credentials as successful military canines, search and rescue helpers, and even therapy animals.

How did mina's mother in-law died? (2024)

How did Mina Starsiak lose weight?

“I actually stopped drinking five or six months ago and kicked up the weightlifting part of my, already daily, workout routine,” she wrote. “My goal with neither of these changes was weight loss. But I feel great. The strongest, and least hungover that I have [been] in years.”

How much does HGTV pay Mina Starsiak?

For each episode of Good Bones, Mina reportedly makes between $10,000 and $20,000, according to Gossip Gist. However, she's also made other appearances on HGTV. The mom of two was featured on the following series: Rock the Block, Battle on the Beach, and A Very Brady Renovation.

Do Mina and Karen actually do the work on Good Bones?

Is 'Good Bones' real? According to an interview with People, everything that happens on Good Bones is real. Mina pointed out that she told the show's TV crew that they didn't want anything made up for the series before they ever started filming.

Does Mina's sister Kelsey still work for her?

Those familiar with Good Bones likely recall seeing both Gray and her husband on the HGTV show. Gray is also the Chief Business Officer of Two Chicks & a Hammer and works frequently in the company's newly-opened retail shop in Indianapolis.

Are Mina's parents divorced?

She is one of three children that her parents (Karen Laine and Casey Starsiak) had before divorcing when Mina was three. They later remarried but divorced again years later.

How is Jessica related to Mina?

Information about Mina's half-sister, Jess, isn't that easy to come by.

How much do you get paid to be on Good Bones?

Good Bones Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$49,500$4,125
75th Percentile$44,000$3,666
25th Percentile$30,500$2,541

Why don t they show bathrooms on Home Town?

"People often ask us why we don't do bathrooms or why all the rooms aren't shown on the show," she wrote in a post on Instagram, "and the answer is easy: we design the rooms that our homeowners tell us matter most to them (usually common areas), what their budget will safely cover, and what we have time to do for ...

Does Ben actually do the work on home town?

As for Ben, he explained to People, "We approach everything as a team." That may be true; however, they both have their own specific tasks when it comes to renovating and their own skillset. Indeed, Ben tends to take care of the wood-related work, which is why you might have assumed that he's a contractor or carpenter.

What happened to Tad on Good Bones?

In addition to Tad working alongside Karen and Mina doing demolitions for Two Chicks and a Hammer, Tad also owns a clothing company called Love Heals. Tad is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Christina Eslinger, who is also in the real estate industry.

How old is Tad from Good Bones?

30-year-old Thadeus (Tad for short) Starsiak's job title at the mother-daughter business is Assistant Project Manager; he helps with everything, from demos to rebuilds to complete HGTV-style renovations.

Did Austin leave Good Bones?

Although Austin attempted to get another job for a couple of years after starting with Karen and Mina's company, he ultimately returned to Two Chicks and a Hammer, where he now sees himself staying, "for the foreseeable future."

Why does Mina from Good Bones look so different?

Mina began considering plastic surgery in 2018, during her first pregnancy with her son, Jack. She finally decided to go under the knife almost three months after giving birth to her daughter, Charlotte.


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