What does claymore mine stand for? (2024)

What does claymore mine stand for?

The Claymore mine is a directional anti-personnel mine developed for the United States Armed Forces. Its inventor, Norman MacLeod, named the mine after a large medieval Scottish sword.

What is Claymore mine in military terms?

Claymore-type mines, also known as directional fragmentation munitions, are among the most common mines in the world.

Does the US military still use Claymores?

Named after the Scottish broadsword, the M18A1 claymore munition is a compact anti-personnel mine designed to take out several people simultaneously. Designed to strengthen defensive perimeters and ambush bad guys, this mine is still in use today by the U.S. military and several other countries.

Is the Claymore mine banned?

Are Claymore Mines Legal? Claymore mines are legal for use by US military personnel. This is because the US is not a signatory to the 1997 Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production, and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction, better known as the Ottawa Treaty.

What does Claymore mean in war?

The word 'claymore' comes from the Gaelic claidheam-hmor, meaning 'great sword'. The weapon itself is a two-handed cutting sword used in the Highlands of Scotland and by Scottish mercenaries in Ireland between the early sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries.

What is written on a Claymore mine?

mine, firing device, test set, cable & carrying bag The "Claymore" anti-personnel mine has a curved rectangular case made from moulded polystyrene, with glass fibe reinforcement, and the words "FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY".

How many balls are in the Claymore mine?

The weapon contains 650 grams of plastic explosive, fitted between a curved steel back plate and 700 steel ball bearings in front.

Can a civilian own a Claymore mine?

Are Claymores legal for civilians? They are legal in warfare, for the military to use. They are not legal for civillians. If the soldier is from a country which has signed the Ottawa Treaty which prohibits the use of anti-personnel mines, they can only be set up so they are command-detonated.

Are anti-personnel mines illegal?

The Anti-personnel Landmine Convention, or the Mine Ban Convention, addresses this scourge. It bans the stockpiling, transfer and use of anti-personnel landmines, requires countries to clear them on their territory, while prescribing States in a position to do so to assist affected countries.

Are tripwire mines illegal?

“Directional fragmentation devices” such as Claymore “mines” are prohibited by the convention if they are victim activated (e.g., by a tripwire). If they are “command detonated” by the action of a soldier, they are not covered by the convention.

How lethal is a Claymore mine?

The M18A1 Claymore mine is a directional fragmentation anti-personnel mine. It is designed to kill by projecting a lethal hail of steel balls within a 60-degree cone in front of itself. It seems setting off an M18A1 attached to one's unprotected chest would kill or seriously injure one.

How destructive is a Claymore mine?

Testing concluded that the mine was effective out to approximately 110 yards (100 m), being capable of hitting 10% of the attacking force. At 55 yards (50 m), this increased to 30%.

Can you survive a Claymore mine?

Claymores are nasty devices that can shred anything in front of it. They are usually angled upwards slightly to gain the maximum benefit. They have a wide cone of destruction, so the key to surviving one is either not being in the cone, or being behind solid cover, and being as low to the earth as possible.

How much does the Claymore cost?

Regular price $1,640.00

The claymore is one of the most recognizable swords in history. A uniquely Scottish two handed sword first appearing at the beginning of the sixteenth Century, it is almost certainly a development of the Scots-Irish single hand style of sword.

How heavy is a Claymore?

The average claymore ran about 140 cm (55 in) in overall length, with a 33 cm (13 in) grip, 107 cm (42 in) blade, and a weight of approximately 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg).

Is the Claymore good or bad?

Is the claymore good or bad? The truth is, the Claymore is in fact a wonderful weapon. It does well what it was designed to do as all weapons should. But, what is also true is that it is horrible at tasks it was never meant to carry out.

What is the Russian version of the Claymore mine?

The MON-90 Russian Anti-Personnel Mine is a Claymore-shaped, plastic bodied, directional type of anti-personnel mine designed in the Soviet Union. It is designed to wound or kill by fragmentation.

What is a toe popper?

toe popper (plural toe poppers) (military, slang) A small antipersonnel land mine, the M14 mine.

Are there male Claymores?

The act of awakening is likened to the feeling of sexual climax, so while both male and female warriors existed in the past only the women proved to be successfully able to resist the allure of the awakening, and so the creation of male Claymores stopped altogether.

What explosive is in Claymore mine?

The Claymore was a “directional mine,” a curved plastic pack of Composition C-3 explosive (later C-4) into which numerous steel cubes were embedded. When detonated, the mine would blast out its fragments across an arc pre-set by the user.

How many pounds of C-4 are in a Claymore?

A Claymore mine is a military weapon containing approximately1. 5 pounds of C4 plastic explosive and embedded approximately 700 steel ball bearings. It is engineered as a directional antipersonnel weapon to inflict death or serious bodily injury over a large area.

Is a bouncing Betty real?

The S-mine acquired its odd nickname "Bouncing Betty" from American infantrymen. The S-mine had a great psychological effect on Allied forces because of its tendency to maim, rather than kill, the infantryman. The German habit of laying the mines around anti-tank and anti-vehicle mines contributed to the reputation.

Is placing mines a war crime?

Minefields may also have marked or unmarked safe routes to allow friendly movement through them. Placing minefields without marking and recording them for later removal is considered a war crime under Protocol II of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, which is itself an annex to the Geneva Conventions.

Does the US still produce landmines?

As a result of the decision, the United States will not develop, produce, or acquire anti-personnel landmines, not export or transfer anti-personnel landmines except when necessary for activities related to mine destruction or removal and for the purpose of destruction.

Are ocean mines illegal?

Armed mines may not be emplaced in international straits or archipelagic sea-lanes during peacetime. A nation may deploy controlled mines in international waters (i.e., beyond the territorial sea) if they do not unreasonably interfere with other lawful uses of the oceans.


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