Why is dave turin selling his mine? (2024)

Why is dave turin selling his mine?

He wanted to sell them one of his mining operations and show them that the site could be profitable. It's an amazing opportunity and a sign that Turin could be looking to step back in certain capacities. Fortunately, he spoke more about the offer for anyone who thought the moment in the episode came on a bit suddenly.

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Why is Dave Turin retiring from mining?

During an interview with the Idaho Press, Turin gave a more in-depth explanation for his 'retirement' — saying that he would be "scaling back" his mining because of mental and physical exhaustion from the past few years.

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What happened with Dave Turin?

Following a violent fistfight with another miner during the seventh season of "Gold Rush," Dave Turin resigned from the main show and moved to his own spinoff series — titled "Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine." Turin recently returned to the main "Gold Rush" show in the episode "The Last Frontier," and although his ...

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Are Todd Hoffman and Dave Turin still friends?

He and Hoffman had been “very close” for years, Turin says. Though the on-camera break wasn't easy to watch, Turin says he and Hoffman still sometimes talk, or exchange texts, though they're not as tight as they once were. “That's life,” Turin says, sounding philosophical.

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Who is the most successful miner on Gold Rush?

During the 1850s and 1860s Brannan was known as the richest man in California. The chaos of the gold rush had played to his personality and business instincts, but he plunged into some schemes with the care of a gambler.

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How much gold did Dave Turin find?

The Turin crew mined 803 ounces of gold, earning them over $1.28 million. Incredibly, this was only 3 ounces more than Dave Turin predicted they would recover when asked by the executive producer on the Season 2 Aftershow.

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Is there going to be a season 4 of Dave Turin lost mine?

Watch Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Online | Season 4 (2022) | TV Guide.

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Does Dave Turin have a wife?

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What happened to John Schnabel?

John Schnabel, one of the stars of the Discovery Channel reality series Gold Rush who owned the Big Nugget mine in Porcupine Creek, Alaska, died Friday morning in his sleep, according to his family. He was 96.

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What has happened to Todd Hoffman?

The 52-year-old left "Gold Rush" after a disappointing mining season in Colorado. But three years later, Hoffman is back in front of cameras. This time, he's launching his own series on the Discovery Channel, "Hoffman Family Gold." It will follow his family to Alaska and the family's hopes of striking it rich.

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What does Todd Hoffman do for a living now?

Much of his money comes from his real estate investments, venture capitalism, restaurants, and his family's automobile business, Hoffman Enterprises, which his grandfather founded in 1921. The company also had many franchises and dealerships for Toyota, Honda, and Hoffman Ford.

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How many kids does Dave Turin have?

The former high school and college football player earned his civil engineering degree and married his high school sweetheart, Shelly. Their three grown children, all married, have made Turin a grandpa to two girls and two boys.

Why is dave turin selling his mine? (2024)

How much does Parker Schnabel pay his?

Parker Schnabel makes $17,000 per month on TV with his paid contract on Gold Rush. He also gets to keep the gold he finds along the way.

How much does Parker Schnabel pay his crew?

One of the best parts of Gold Rush has to be The Dirt. The behind-the-scenes show that takes fans to places they haven't seen on the show before talked with the young mine owner in Season 8. Parker Schnabel employees make a handsome salary for just 6 months of work. $140,000 to be exact.

Who is the mechanic for Parker Schnabel?

Mitch is a self-trained mechanic who started his career at the age of 14 when he began working in a collision repair shop after school to pay for his kart racing. Mitch first appeared in season 3 working on Todd Hoffman's crew and later joined Parker Schnabel's team in season 5.

Does Parker Schnabel have a wife?

According to various profile and you may fans' states, Parker Schnabel try unmarried at the time of 2021.

Who actually made money off the gold rush?

Sam Brannan was the great beneficiary of this new found wealth. Prices increased rapidly and during this period his store had a turnover of $150,000 a month (almost $4 million in today's money). Josiah Belden was another man who made his fortune from the gold rush. He owned a store in San Jose.

Who was profiting the most from the Klondike Gold Rush?

While prospectors searched for riches during the Klondike Gold Rush, companies that provided prospectors with supplies and transportation made the most profit.

What is the biggest nugget found on Gold Rush?

Considered by most authorities to be the biggest gold nugget ever found, the Welcome Stranger was found at Moliagul, Victoria, Australia, in 1869 by John Deason and Richard Oates. It weighed gross, over 2,520 troy ounces (78 kg; 173 lb) and returned over 2,284 troy ounces (71.0 kg; 156.6 lb) net.

Is there still gold left from the gold rush?

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that of the world's known gold, roughly 63,000 tons are still in the ground, compared with roughly 206,000 tons that have already been mined. And the world's unmined gold is generally only unmined because it's deeper underground and thus less accessible.

Did anyone strike it rich in the gold rush?

One claim in this area resulted in $17,000 worth of gold in a single week ($415,000 in 2005 dollars). The Murphy brothers struck gold just a few days after arriving in the Sierras; by the end of the year, they had $1.5 million worth ($37 million in 2005 dollars).

Did Dave Turin retire from mining?

“Gold Rush” star Dave Turin is retiring from mining!

Why did Rick Ness quit Gold Rush?

When Ness' friend, Zee Zaremba, arrives, he asks Ness why he hasn't returned to show. Ness mentions the previous gold mining season drained him, and he was suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Why is Dave not in season 8 of Gold Rush?

Dave Turin left Gold Rush after getting in a fight

In a Facebook post that seems to have since been deleted, Turin thanked fans for their support over the years and said that it was "clear" that it was time for him to move on from the show.

Is there still gold from the gold rush?

Even though the gold rush has slowed since its peak in the 19th century, prospectors still find gold nuggets in the American River. One place along the river where the public can pan for free is at Auburn State Recreation Area on the border of Placer and El Dorado Counties.


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